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Archbold Bariatric Weight Loss Program and Lap-Band® Surgery


The Archbold Bariatric Weight Loss Program offers the most comprehensive range of weight loss services available in the region. This unique program is designed to help patients achieve their weight loss goals, improve their overall health and enhance their quality of life.

The Program offers a comprehensive range of individualized weight loss services and features a weight loss surgery component, commonly referred to as Lap-Band® or bariatric surgery.

Through an initial evaluation and comprehensive nutritional and weight history assessment, the Bariatric Weight Loss Team works with patients to identify obstacles to successful weight management and makes medical recommendations for the best individualized weight loss program offered by Archbold.

How does the program work?

Archbold physicians, nurses and clinical staff create a supportive environment and guide each patient through the medical nutritional and psychological program components, tailored to each patient’s individual needs.

Initial Evaluation

The recommended method of treatment depends on a patient’s level of obesity, overall health condition, and readiness to lose weight.

A nurse will meet with you during your initial visit to discuss your medical history and your previous attempts to lose weight.

Physician Evaluation

A physician will meet with you to discuss your past medical history and current health status. The physician will determine the appropriate program for you at this time.

Psychological Evaluation

Psychological counseling serves as the backbone for the patient support system — a critical component for patients to achieve long term weight loss success. Patients must receive psychological clearance prior to qualifying for weight loss surgery, and post surgery support is available through individual and group therapy sessions.


Once you have committed to the Archbold Bariatric Weight Loss Program, met with the nurse, physician, and psychologist, weight loss surgery may be recommended.

The Team will guide you through the remaining steps prior to surgery:


To ensure your continued success the Program is designed to provide nutritional, emotional and physical support after Lap-Band® surgery. Post-surgery support includes:


Lap-Band® Support Group

A strong support system will help you stay positive, focused and motivated. Patients are encouraged to attend monthly Lap-Band® support group meetings to discuss and reinforce successful strategies that promote continued and permanent weight loss.

Is Lap-Band® Surgery right for you?

Before you can use the Lap-Band® System to help you lose weight you must qualify medically.

Lap-Band® may be right for you if:


To learn more about Lap-Band Surgery at Archbold visit

To learn more about LapBand® Surgery visit




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