EAP Training

As a Drug Free Workplace Coordinator, please print and distribute a newsletter and sign-in sheet for each quarter.

Give each employee and supervisor a copy of the newsletter then, have them complete the sign-in sheet, which along with your signature, will certify that the employees have completed the training.

Repeat the process for your supervisors/managers with the appropriate supervisor training newsletter and sign-in sheet for each quarter.

Four trainings must be completed annually by employees and supervisors for certification. Remember, supervisors must complete both employee and supervisor requirements.

Fax the completed sign-in sheets to Archbold Employee Assistance Program at 229.228.2215, and we will issue your documents of completion each year. If you prefer, you may also mail the original sign-in sheets to us at:

Archbold Employee Assistance Programs, P. O. Box 1018, Thomasville, GA 31799-1018

Employee Newsletter

Supervisor Newsletter

Employees Winter 2016 Supervisors Winter 2016
Employees Fall 2015 Supervisors Fall 2015
Employees Summer 2015 Supervisors Summer 2015
Employees Spring 2015 Supervisors Spring 2015
Employees Winter 2015 Supervisors Winter 2015
Employees Fall 2014 Supervisors Fall 2014
Employees Summer 2014 Supervisors Summer 2014
Employees Winter 2014 Supervisors Winter 2014
Employees Fall 2013 Supervisors Fall 2013
Employees Spring 2013 Supervisors Spring 2013
Employees Winter 2013 Supervisors Winter 2013
Employees Fall 2012 Supervisors Fall 2012
Employees Summer 2012 Supervisors Summer 2012
Employees Spring 2012 Supervisors Spring 2012
Employees Winter 2012 Supervisors Winter 2012
Employees June 2011 Supervisors June 2011
Employees July 2011 Supervisors July 2011
Employees August 2011 Supervisors August 2011
Employees Fall 2011 Supervisors Fall 2011
Employee Sign-in Sheet Supervisor Sign-in Sheet
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