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Archbold Health Talk: Healthy Eating for Busy People

Archbold Health Talk: Healthy Eating for Busy People

For busy people, it may be tempting to try something exotic and short-term for fast weight loss. But it wouldn't be healthy, and any weight you lost would probably be quickly regained.

A long-term program of sensible eating and exercise is still the best method. It's not new, and it may not be the fad of the moment. For most people, however, it works.

“A healthy eating plan for weight loss combines fewer calories with more nutrition,” said Archbold’s clinical nutrition manager Jeana Smith, RDN, CDE. “And with the right tools, even busy people can maintain a healthy diet and achieve their weight loss goals.”

On Thursday, May 25, as part of Archbold’s continuing Health Talk free community lecture series, Smith will present “Healthy Eating for Busy People”. Those in attendance will learn how to decode nutrition facts on restaurant menus, how to eat healthy on-the-go, and budget friendly grocery shopping tips.

The talk is offered free as a clinical outreach effort to uphold Archbold’s core value of community benefit. YMCA Team Live Better participants may also receive credit for attending this Health Talk. The lecture will be held at 6pm in the Williams Auditorium located in the East Tower of Archbold Memorial Hospital. Dinner will be served. Pre-registration is required; call 229.584.5520 or visit