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Employee Assistance Program

Helping Our Employees Succeed

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at Archbold is designed to get to the heart of workforce issues with consultation, training, intervention, and assistance services. Our goal is to make our work environments safer and more supportive for each and every one of our employees and corporate clients.

To learn more about our Employee Assistance Program in Thomasville and the surrounding Thomas County, give us a call at 877.EAP.ARCH today.

What Is the Archbold Employee Assistance Program?

The Archbold EAP is committed to maximizing employee potential through assessment, referral, training, and support in an efficient, cost-effective manner. We provide guidance through personal and professional difficulties that may negatively impact employees and their dependent family members’ lives.

We offer expert assistance in helping our employees navigate difficult times, and we work directly with supervisors and managers in creating more positive work environments. Our wide variety of training programs and other specialty services help employees thrive. These include the following:

  • Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Americans With Disabilities
  • Workplace Violence
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Drug-Free Workplace

These services are included with an EAP contract, or they may be acquired on a fee-for-service basis by non-employees or corporate clients. In addition to these training programs and seminars, we also assist our team with the following difficulties and more:

  • Individual, marriage, and family issues
  • Grief and loss
  • Sexual, physical, and emotional abuse
  • Career planning
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Legal assistance
  • Financial assistance
  • Psychiatric assessments
  • Elder care

Diagnosis, evaluation, short-term problem resolution, and referral services provided by Archbold’s EAP are free of charge to you and your family. This might consist of one or more appointments and may include a variety of services.

If assistance beyond the resources of our Employee Assistance Program is needed, your medical insurance and other employee benefits will be considered. If insurance or other benefits are not available, we will assist you in keeping costs minimal.

Employee Assistance and Confidentiality

Our EAP services are confidential benefits. This means Archbold keeps your records confidential from any other party, in order to protect your anonymity. No one – not even your employer – will ever know you used EAP’ services unless:

  • You choose to disclose the information
  • You’ve given Archbold permission to disclose the information
  • There are legal circumstances that require disclosure of the information

Assistance for Students

Archbold is also proud to offer a Student Assistance Program to assist Thomas University students in maintaining and improving their school performance. The services of the Student Assistance Program are provided to the students and their families as an additional resource and on a voluntary basis.

The Student Assistance Program at Thomas University provides the following services:

  • Confidential assessment services
  • Confidential referral services
  • Problem resolution sessions
  • Addiction counseling services

These services are not intended to replace any existing services utilized by the students. Services are also provided for students whose lives have been affected by their own or someone else’s use of alcohol or drugs.

Take Advantage of Our EAP Benefits Today

At Archbold, we have a strong commitment to making sure our employees and their loved ones are happy and healthy. We want our team members to thrive in both their professional and personal lives – that’s why we created our confidential Employee Assistance Program to provide our team with all the resources they may need to succeed.

To take advantage of one or more benefits within our Employee Assistance Program in Thomasville and Thomas County, call the EAP team at 877.EAP.ARCH today.

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