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Preparing for Your Hospital Stay

If you have a scheduled hospital stay, knowing how to prepare in advance can set the tone for a successful hospital visit and get you on track for a quicker recovery.

When You Should Arrive

For outpatient visits, patients should plan to arrive 15 to 30 minutes before their scheduled appointment, so they will have plenty of time to park and come into the hospital. This will also allow us more time to process any paperwork, insurance, and billing information correctly.

For inpatient procedures, you will be notified by your Physician’s office staff, or be given a number to call the day prior to your procedure, to find out what time to arrive at the hospital. Please plan to arrive about 15-20 minutes prior to that time to allow time to process any paperwork, insurance, and billing information

What to Bring

  • All insurance cards

  • A driver’s license or a photo I.D. card.

  • A list of all your medications (but please leave the medicine at home). The list should include over-the-counter prescriptions, vitamins, and herbal supplements.

  • A list of all your doctors and what you see them for

  • Names and phone numbers of your caregiver, family, and close friends in case you need to call them from the hospital phone

  • Clothing to wear while in the hospital and at the time of discharge

  • Personal hygiene items, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, and soap

  • Essential personal hygiene items such as glasses, hearing aids with extra batteries, and dentures with adhesive

  • Walking cane or walker

  • Reading and writing material, and personal electronics

*Please be sure all personal items are clearly marked with your name.

What to Leave at Home

  • Credit cards

  • Jewelry

  • Valuables

  • Large amounts of cash

If you ever have any questions about an upcoming stay, please feel free to call us at (229) 228-2000.

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