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Primary Care

Primary Care Physicians in Thomas, Mitchell & Grady County

Through routine checkups and personalized, compassionate care, our primary care providers help people of all ages be as healthy as possible.

Benefits of Having a Primary Care Provider

Primary care providers do more than diagnose problems, such as colds, the flu, allergies, and other common complaints. They also help people prevent and manage chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease. Over time, primary care providers get to know their patients and any health challenges they may live with. The familiarity benefits patients because people are more likely to be honest with doctors and nurses they trust. That transparency leads to a more accurate diagnosis and faster treatment.

A good relationship with a primary care provider also saves patients from large financial burdens that neglected medical conditions can create. A primary care provider can look for any red flags present in physical and behavioral health and make suggestions that their patients know they can trust.

Through annual wellness screenings with a primary care provider, patients can address any medical issues they have as well as ask questions about their day-to-day health. A primary care provider who advises patients for years will likely be able to answer any questions and swiftly address any concerns those patients have simply because they know that person’s history.

Other benefits that come with having a primary care provider include:

  • Advanced treatment service referrals. If your medical concern requires specialty care, your primary care provider will know what your next steps need to be. The office staff will likely be able to help you plan your next steps before you leave the building.
  • Saving time. Returning to a primary care provider will save you time in the long run. They will have your medical history on file—and perhaps that of your family, if you all go to the same primary care provider—so any new patient paperwork will not be needed, nor will you have to rehash your medical history with every visit. If you’re visiting the office for any reason other than an annual checkup, your doctor will likely want to get right to addressing the issue of your appointment.

With a primary care provider helping you look out for your health, you can rest easy knowing that if you need them, they are willing and able to address your health concerns and see to it that you get the proper care you need when you need it.

To set up an appointment with your primary care provider in Thomasville, call our office at 229.584.5590 or reach out online.

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