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Why Archbold Asks

Patients at Archbold are asked questions about their race, ethnic background, and preferred language during the registration process. Better patient data helps Archbold improve the quality of care provided to you and the diverse communities we serve

Frequently Asked Questions
Why is this information important?

Data currently available on patients’ race, ethnicity and primary language may be inaccurate or limited. Accurate demographic information helps us eliminate any healthcare disparities between the services provided to different groups. All members of our community and patients at Archbold deserve the highest quality care, and we are committed to providing it regardless of background.

Why don’t you already have this information?

Even if you have been at Archbold before or seen your provider for years, we may have never asked you these questions. To ensure we have accurate information for each patient, you may be asked during a future visit.

Who will see this information?

Like other information about your visit with Archbold, your answers to these questions are protected by HIPAA. Information will only be viewed by necessary parties allowed under the law, including registration staff, administrators, and quality improvement team members.

Do I have to provide this information?

Your answers to these questions are voluntary, but they help Archbold better serve you. In addition, national agencies that provide hospital accreditation are increasingly requiring us to provide information based on patients’ answers to these questions.

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