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Expert Audiology Care in Thomasville

Archbold ENT & Allergy has an audiologist on-site to evaluate, diagnose, treat, and manage hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance disorders in newborns, children, and adults.

Reasons You May Need to See An Audiologist

You could benefit from an appointment with an audiologist if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Severe ear pain related to the hard build-up of ear wax pressing against your eardrum
  • You have suddenly lost your ability to hear due to loud noise or trauma
  • Your hearing ability has gradually declined over the years and is now affecting your quality of life
  • There is a ringing noise in your ears
  • You’re experiencing dizziness or are unable to maintain a healthy balance

How an Audiologist Can Help You

An audiologist will perform a thorough evaluation of your symptoms and may recommend testing to help diagnose the problem. An audiologist may perform one or more of the following procedures or examinations during your visit:

  • Evaluate hearing using behavioral and objective (non-behavioral) test procedures
  • Identify hearing loss
  • Determine need for hearing rehabilitation
  • Determine candidacy for hearing aids
  • Select and fit hearing aids
  • Evaluate the balance system
  • Refer the patients to an otolaryngologist (ENT) for medical or surgical management of hearing loss

Audiology services provided by McDonnell Hearing Solutions

To learn more or schedule an
appointment with an Audiologist,
please call (229) 227-1750.

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