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Planet Fitness Members Find New Habits during Live Better Fit

Planet Fitness Members Find New Habits during Live Better Fit

Changing habits and getting into a new routine takes time a dedication. On average, it takes about two months for new habits to become routine.

In June, Live Better, the Archbold Medical Center-led collaborative of key community leaders and partners focused on improving the overall health of the citizens of Thomas County, launched Live Better Fit (LB Fit). The 25-week wellness program is a collaboration with local businesses and gyms. The goal of LB Fit is to teach people how to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle, and connect them to nutrition resources, fitness expertise and support system that helps prepare them for success.

Throughout the 25-week program, exercise and fitness mentorship is provided to nine participants chosen through their respective participating Live Better partner gym – BodyTrac, Planet Fitness, Thomasville CrossFit, Townie: A Fitness Community and the Thomasville YMCA.

Live Better partner Planet Fitness chose to help mentor Debbie Campbell and Robert Gilmore.

“We chose Debbie and Robert to represent Planet Fitness because they were both serious about wanting to improve their health,” said Mark Willis, Manager at Planet Fitness. “The Live Better Fit program was a great opportunity for them, and they had access to extra tools that would help them in their journey towards a healthier lifestyle.”

“I decided to be a part of the Live Better Fit program simply because I wanted to lose weight and get fit,” said Debbie Campbell. “It’s as simple as that.”

“What peaked my interest about this program were the different components and support that we would have access to,” said Robert Gilmore. “Through the program, we would have help in the gym, nutritional support and wellness education.”

At the 25-week mark, both Debbie and Rob have both lost over thirty pounds and over four BMI points each thanks to new habits they’ve formed.

“My workout routine has changed drastically in the last few months,” said Debbie. “It’s natural now to be active one to two times a day. I’ve really established a healthy daily routine.”

“I have completely different habits now than when I did at the start of the program,” said Robert. “I’ve learned so much about my health and what I need to do to establish healthy habits.”

While small setbacks have occurred over the last 25-weeks, Debbie and Robert have persevered and are committed to staying on track after the program ends.

“I’m so much more confident, comfortable and knowledgeable in gym and with myself,” said Debbie.

“Everything has changed for the better since the beginning of the program,” said Robert. “My workout routine and my eating habits have changed drastically.”

“Debbie and Robert have dedicated themselves to making healthier choices and it shows,” said Todd Bennett, Archbold’s Clinical Outreach Manager. “They have taken advantage of all of what the Live Better Fit Program offers and it shows.”