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YMCA Members Successful with Live Better Fit

YMCA Members Successful with Live Better Fit

Making the decision to lose weight is a big step in wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.

Finding the initial motivation to start a weight loss journey can be hard. It is a delicate balance between commitment, support, proper nutrition and exercise. However, having the right plan in place can make it easier and effective.

In June, Live Better, the Archbold Medical Center-led collaborative of key community leaders and partners focused on improving the overall health of the citizens of Thomas County, launched Live Better Fit (LB Fit). The 25-week wellness program is a collaboration with local businesses and gyms. The goal of LB Fit is to teach people how to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle, while connect them with nutrition resources, fitness expertise and a support system that helps prepare them for success.

Throughout the 25-week program, exercise and fitness mentorship is provided to 10 participants chosen through their respective participating Live Better partner gym – Body Trac, Factor X Fitness, Planet Fitness, Thomasville CrossFit, Townie: A Fitness Community, and the Thomasville YMCA.

Live Better partner Thomasville YMCA chose to help mentor two existing members, Kyle Register and Rick Barnes.

“Kyle and Rick have both participated in Team Lean at the YMCA before, so we knew they were interested in losing weight and learning how to adopt a healthier lifestyle,” said Kim Smith, Fitness and Wellness Director at the Thomasville YMCA. “Both are deeply invested in their individual health and wellness, as well as the YMCA community, so we knew they would be perfect for the new Live Better program, LB Fit.”

Deciding to accept the YMCA’s invitation to participate in the LB Fit program was almost a no brainer for both Kyle and Rick.

“I’ve worked to adopt healthy habits here and there in the past. But this time, I was ready to fully commit to a healthy lifestyle and frame of mind,” said Kyle.

“I had been looking for a program that would address both the physical and nutritional aspects of losing weight,” said Rick. “I believe Live Better Fit is that program.”

At the 11-week mark in the program, Rick is down ten pounds and has lost two inches in his waist.

“Learning how to read nutrition labels has been difficult, but it’s a skill that will help going forward,” said Rick.

Kyle has lost six pounds and three inches in his chest.

“I’ve learned how important a combination of exercise and proper nutrition are to weight loss,” said Kyle. “It’s important to know what you’re putting in your body, and how it fuels you for the day.”

“The LB Fit program has been great so far,” said Rick. “I love having the ability to work directly with a trainer at the YMCA, who helps shape my workouts to better enable me to move forward with my weight loss goals. I’ve also enjoyed meeting up with other participants at Live Better partner restaurants to try their healthy menu options.”

“The time and effort that Archbold and YMCA staff have put into the program has been amazing,” said Kyle. “Archbold’s dietitian, Hannah Gilliland, meets with us once a month for measurements and to provide nutrition guidance. Shawn and Kim train both Rick and I at the YMCA multiple times a week and provide the accountability and fitness guidance that we need to be successful on our journey. Everything has been far beyond what I imagined it would have been with Live Better Fit. I can tell a difference in how I feel overall, and I’ve already developed healthy habits that will be essential for long-term success.”

“Our LB Fit participants are showing tremendous progress,” said Todd Bennett, Archbold’s Clinical Outreach Coordinator. “We’re very proud of each of them. You can follow their journey by reading their blogs at