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Summer Foot Safety

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  • Written By: Shealy Register
Summer Foot Safety

This summer, do you know how best to protect your feet?

DO: Put sunscreen on your feet and when going barefoot or wearing sandals. Sunburned feet are painful, and too much sun exposure can lead to skin cancer. 

DON'T: Go barefoot in public pools, hotels or outdoor showers. You could develop athlete's foot or plantar warts. 

DO: Prevent infection by wearing sturdy flip-flops or water shoes in public areas where there is water. Shoes also protect feet from puncture wounds, and anti-skid soles can prevent dangerous falls. 

DON'T: Wear flip-flops all summer long. Your feet need a cushioned heel and arch support. 

DO: Wear the right shoes for the activity. Choose sturdy closed-toe shoes when doing things like mowing the lawn or hiking. 

DON'T: Wear brand-new shoes on vacation, especially if you plan to walk long distances. Getting large blisters on day one can hamper your plans for the rest of your trip. 

DO: Make sure you and your family are up to date on tetanus vaccines to prevent infection in case of a wound on your foot. 

DON'T: Forget to wear comfortable, supportive shoes with socks when flying. No one wants to walk barefoot through a TSA security checkpoint. 

DO: Visit an orthopedic provider or podiatrist if you or a family member has a foot or ankle injury or persistent foot pain. 

Talk to a primary care provider about other steps you can take toward a healthy summer. Find a provider at