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Archbold Urology Launches Kidney Stone Walk-In Clinic & Hotline

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Archbold Urology Launches Kidney Stone Walk-In Clinic & Hotline

Kidney stones are a common urinary tract disorder affecting millions worldwide. These small, hard mineral deposits form inside the kidneys and can cause severe pain when they obstruct the urinary tract.

“The symptoms of a kidney stone can be debilitating,” said Archbold urologist Eric Webb, MD. “They can range from sharp lower back pain to painful urination and nausea.”

With kidney stone cases on the rise, Archbold Urology recognized the urgent need to offer another option for patients to receive prompt diagnosis and treatment. Beginning August 1, patients experiencing kidney stone symptoms may visit Archbold Urology’s kidney stone walk-in clinic or call their kidney stone hotline after hours.

The clinic is located at Archbold Urology’s office at 100 Mimosa Drive, Floor 2 in Thomasville and will be open Monday through Friday, from 8am to 3:30pm.

The kidney stone hotline will be available after hours.

Instructions for the clinic and after-hours hotline include:

  • If you are experiencing severe pain, fever, loss of consciousness, chills or severe vomiting, please proceed to the nearest emergency room
  • If you begin experiencing symptoms during the night, do not eat or drink anything after midnight. Take any medications with only a sip of water.
  • If your situation deteriorates overnight, please proceed to the nearest emergency room for care
  • Please bring a copy of your films on a computer disk if available

“We understand that medical problems, especially kidney stones, can come on suddenly and with very little warning,” said Jason Burnette, MD, urologist at Archbold Urology. “The primary objective of the clinic and hotline is immediate relief and ensuring the patients receive comprehensive and compassionate care.”

The board-certified urologists at Archbold Urology specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders relating to the kidneys, adrenal glands, ureters, bladder, urethra and reproductive organs. Archbold’s team is highly trained in the latest surgical and non-surgical treatments for both common and complex urologic conditions, including urological cancer care.

To learn more, please visit Urology Services in Thomasville | Archbold. Patients can utilize the after-hours kidney stone hotline by calling 229.584.5557.