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Time to Call Your Provider

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Time to Call Your Provider

Take our quiz to learn when it's time for a professional's opinion. 

#1. You've noticed more hair loss than usual. What should you do to limit this loss?

A. Style without barrettes, braids and rubber bands, avoid harsh hair treatments, and use detangler after shampooing. 

B. Review your medications with your primary care provider (PCP) to see if one of those might cause hair loss. 

C. Avoid smoking. 

D. All of the above. 

ANSWER: D. Reach out to your PCP if there has been a sudden increase in hair loss (more than 50 to 100 strands per day) or if you notice thinning on your scalp. 

#2. Darker skin in your armpit may be a sign of: 

A. Tight clothing

B. Thyroid disease

C. Diabetes

D. Heart disease

ANSWER: C. Uncontrollable diabetes can cause discoloration associated with a skin condition called acanthosis nigricans. 

"This darkening of the skin is caused by a build-up of insulin as a result of insulin resistance. This typically appears in the neck, groin or armpit," said Rachel Anderson, DO, primary care physician at Archbold Primary Care - Thomasville. "If you notice a patch of skin that is darker and velvety to the touch, your PCP can order a diabetes test."

#3. True or False: A heavy menstrual cycle is no cause for concern, 

A. True

B. False

ANSWER: B. A heavy period - characterized by needing a new pad or tampon more frequently than every two hours or clots that are quarter-size or larger - can be caused by many factors, including uterine fibroids, cancer, ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage, hormonal issues, bleeding disorders, thyroid conditions, and intrauterine devices. Your gynecologist or PCP can help manage the issue. 

#4. You've been experiencing sadness for a month and can't seem to shake it. Should you talk with your provider? 

A. Yes

B. No

ANSWER: A. Melancholy or anxiety lasting for two weeks or longer, can be clinical depression. Your PCP can evaluate, diagnose and treat your symptoms accordingly. 

#5. You have persistent, unexplained fatigue in spite of getting plenty of sleep every night. Your PCP might recommend: 

A. Avoiding screen time before bed and turning down your thermostat at night. 

B. Lab work

C. A sleep study

D. All the above

ANSWER: D. Persistent fatigue may be due to bad sleep hygiene or an underlying condition. Your PCP can help investigate. 

A primary care provider can answer your questions about unusual symptoms. Find a provider at Providers | Archbold Medical Center