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Archbold Performs PFO Closure Cardiac Treatment

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Archbold Performs PFO Closure Cardiac Treatment

Archbold Interventional Cardiologist Jared Davis, MD, recently performed a cutting-edge cardiac procedure that offers treatment for a common silent heart condition that can lead to serious complications.

Davis, who practices with Cardiovascular Consultants of South Georgia, performed the minimally invasive procedure to close a patent foramen ovale (PFO).

During fetal development, a small flap-like opening called the foramen ovale exists between the upper left and right chambers of the heart. This opening usually closes shortly after birth, but when it does not, the condition is called patent foramen ovale (PFO). PFO is present in approximately 25 percent of the population, although many people do not experience symptoms.

However, others can experience serious symptoms or medical events such as stroke, blood clots in the arteries, or hypoxemia (low oxygen). For these individuals, the opening in the heart wall must be closed.

“PFO closure is a minimally invasive surgery that uses a specialized device inserted through a catheter that expands inside the PFO and closes the defect,” said Dr. Davis. “With the device in place, blood and blood clots are unable to flow through the opening and future serious events, like stroke, can be avoided.”

A layer of heart tissue will heal around the device, furthering this closure. Patients typically return home the same day.

“When the foramen ovale doesn’t close, it can provide a dangerous shortcut for blood clots to reach the left side of the heart, which gives the blood clot a pathway to the brain or other vital vascular spaces,” added Dr. Davis. “This procedure allows us to solve a condition that often remains silent but can cause serious concerns.”

“The PFO closure procedure is just one part of our continued advancements and investments in region-leading cardiac care,” said Chris Newman, Vice President of Clinical Services at Archbold. “Our recently renovated Cath Lab and other new procedures offered at Archbold reflect our dedication to patient outcomes and safety.”

Archbold Heart & Vascular offers comprehensive cardiovascular care to patients in Thomas County and the surrounding area. Its board-certified cardiologists are dedicated to helping patients identify factors that put them at risk, manage long-term heart conditions, and recover from cardiac events.

Cardiovascular Consultants of South Georgia specializes in comprehensive cardiovascular care, including office-based consultative services, office-based testing and advanced cardiac inpatient care and in-hospital procedures. The group is affiliated with Archbold Memorial in Thomasville.