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Archbold Vascular Procedure is First FDA-Approved Case in Georgia

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Archbold Vascular Procedure is First FDA-Approved Case in Georgia

Archbold interventional cardiologist Clay Sizemore, MD, successfully implanted a first-of-its-kind dissolvable stent last week, becoming the first FDA-approved case completed in the state of Georgia.

The device is a newly FDA-approved treatment option for people with chronic limb-threatening ischemia (CLTI) below-the-knee (BTK).

CLTI is a serious form of peripheral artery disease (PAD). CLTI BTK occurs when arteries become clogged with plaque, preventing blood flow and oxygen from reaching the lower leg and foot.

This advancement is designed to keep arteries open and deliver a drug to support vessel healing prior to dissolving over time. More than 20 million people in the US are living with PAD, a painful and disabling disease. Unfortunately, treatments for below-the-knee blockages were limited due to small vessels and a high incidence of recurrence.

Clay Sizemore, MD

“This procedure is a significant step forward in the treatment of limb-threatening blockages below the knee,” said Sizemore. “Bioabsorbable scaffolds combined with existing minimally invasive technologies are allowing us to improve long-term patency and therefore limb salvage.”

“Avoiding amputations requires a sophisticated team of providers, including local podiatrists like Dr. Viet Anh Vu, who first recognized our patient’s threatened limb,” Sizemore added.

The Esprit™ BTK System joins other recent advances in cardiovascular care at Archbold, including patent foramen ovale (PFO) closure and a newly renovated cardiac catheterization lab.

“The introduction of this procedure at Archbold, and to be the first FDA-approved case performed in the state, demonstrates our mission to provide the residents of our region with the most advanced treatment options available,” said Darcy Craven, Archbold President and CEO. “I am proud of our team for their commitment to bringing the latest advancements to Thomasville so our patients don’t have to travel to receive the best care.”

Archbold Heart & Vascular offers comprehensive cardiovascular care to patients in Thomas County and the surrounding area. Its board-certified physicians are dedicated to helping patients identify factors that put them at risk, manage long-term conditions, and recover from cardiac and vascular events.

Cardiovascular Consultants of South Georgia specializes in comprehensive cardiovascular care, including office-based consultative services, office-based testing and advanced cardiac inpatient care and in-hospital procedures. The group is affiliated with Archbold Memorial in Thomasville.