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Townie Members Lean on Each Other During Live Better Fit

Townie Members Lean on Each Other During Live Better Fit

Accountability and a strong support system can make or break a journey towards a healthier lifestyle. And a significant other can be a strong ally when trying to lose weight.

In June, Live Better, the Archbold Medical Center-led collaborative of key community leaders and partners focused on improving the overall health of the citizens of Thomas County, launched Live Better Fit (LB Fit). The 25-week wellness program is a collaboration with local businesses and gyms. The goal of LB Fit is to teach people how to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle, and connect them to nutrition resources, fitness expertise and a support system that helps prepare them for success.

Throughout the 25-week program, exercise and fitness mentorship is provided to nine participants chosen through their respective participating Live Better partner gym – BodyTrac, Planet Fitness, Thomasville CrossFit, Townie: A Fitness Community and the Thomasville YMCA.

Live Better partner Townie: A Fitness Community chose to help mentor husband and wife Chris and Gina Curry.

“Chris and Gina represent everything we stand for as a gym—they’re happy, humble and hardworking, and they are well-respected members of our community,” said Jonathan Watt, owner of Townie: A Fitness Community.

“I decided to participate in the LB Fit program because I thought it would be a great way to achieve my wellness goals,” said Gina Curry. “The accountability factor associated with the program is what really enticed me to participate.”

“The nutritional expertise and support components of the LB Fit program are a huge benefit and certainly components I felt could help me on my journey,” said Chris Curry. “It was an added bonus that my wife would get to go through the program alongside me.”

At the 19-week mark in the program, Gina has lost two inches off her arms and waist, and is noticing that her clothes are looser.

“My workout routine has changed the most, simply because I am now working out consistently,” said Gina.

Chris has lost twenty pounds so far, and almost four inches off his waist.

“I have really focused on making healthy lifestyle changes, and I’ve noticed both physical and mental improvements, as well” said Chris.

“Chris and Gina have accomplished some amazing things during the Live Better Fit program,” said Jonathan. “Gina recently ran one mile and completed 50 burpees in a workout. Chris has lost over 20 pounds and his body fat percentage is now in an ideal healthy range. He even ran his first 5K at the Live Better Pink Run.”

Going into the program, Chris and Gina knew that this wasn’t going to be a quick fix solution to their health problems. But they were committed to the process.

“Our nutrition has changed so much since the beginning of the program,” said Gina. “We used to eat out all of the time, but now we’re both taking our lunches to work every day. We’re also drinking more water and eating more vegetables. Chris and I are on the same page now about eating healthy, which has made the biggest difference.”

“Hands down, my eating habits have changed,” said Chris. “That’s where I’ve seen the biggest improvement.”

“Chris and Gina are keeping each other accountable and it shows through their progress so far in the program,” said Todd Bennett, Archbold’s Clinical Outreach Coordinator. “We’re very proud of them and the rest of our LB Fit participants. To follow along with our participants on their journey, read their blogs at”