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When It Comes to Cancer Care, There’s No Place Like Home

When It Comes to Cancer Care, There’s No Place Like Home

A cancer diagnosis can be unexpected and overwhelming. Feelings of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty are heightened as patients and their families look to find the best physicians and most successful cancer treatment options available.

From cutting-edge medicine to an expert oncology team, there are many important factors to consider when evaluating your next steps for cancer care. Perhaps the most important decision one will make in the days following a cancer diagnosis is where they will actually receive their treatment.

But for cancer patients in South Georgia, the choice is clear—there’s no place like home.

Location Matters For Cancer Care

For some cancer treatments and certain conditions, an overnight hospital stay is needed. In most cases, however, cancer treatment plans involve daily visits to an outpatient cancer treatment facility. Frequent visits can create a logistical burden for patients that live many miles away from a cancer treatment facility. Travel expenses like gas bills, hotel accommodations, and eating meals on the go can really pile up, too.

According to Chisom Onuoha, MD, a medical oncologist at Archbold’s Singletary Oncology Center, when it comes to choosing a cancer treatment center, patients want access to the latest treatment options. And they want it close to home.

“A cancer diagnosis is a life-changing experience. However, patients deserve treatment options that interfere as little as possible with their daily life,” said Dr. Onuoha. “Some patients can’t afford to travel or miss work. Many patients don’t want to be away for an extended period of time because they want to watch their kids or grandkids grow up. Whatever the reason, we believe you shouldn’t have to travel to a metropolitan city to receive high-quality cancer care. You should be able to continue doing the things you enjoy while surrounded by the ones you love.”

Why Patients Choose Archbold for Cancer Care

Established over 30 years ago, Archbold’s Singletary Oncology Center has earned its reputation as a regional destination for cancer care. The 40,000 square foot Oncology Center in Thomasville houses the most advanced cancer treatment technology and clinical trials available anywhere in the region. The Center is home to seven oncologists—five specializing in medical oncology and two specializing in radiation oncology. Additionally, Archbold boasts a multi-disciplinary team of expert physicians dedicated to cancer care including a cardio-oncologist, radiologists, and surgeons specializing in treatments for a wide range of cancers including, but not limited to breast, cancers of the lungs, abdominal areas, female reproductive system, prostate, and head/neck.

To provide even greater access to care for patients in rural South Georgia, The Singletary Oncology Center has outreach clinics in Bainbridge and Camilla. This allows patients to see their Archbold oncologist and receive infusion treatments without having to travel.

The Singletary Oncology Center is accreditated by The Commission on Cancer (CoC) of the American College of Surgeons (ACoS), a voluntary accreditation, that demonstrates the Center’s commitment to maintaining levels of excellence in the delivery of comprehensive patient-centered care.

“We understand that choosing a cancer center and a team of physicians to oversee your care is a big decision,” said Dr. Onuoha. “That’s why it’s important for our community to know they have access to the same level of high-quality cancer care that’s available anywhere. The only difference is Archbold offers it close to home.”