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Archbold Announces New Lung Nodule Navigator

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Archbold Announces New Lung Nodule Navigator

Lung cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer, is the leading cause of cancer death worldwide, and was the highest cancer incidence among men referred to Archbold's oncology center in 2020.

However, lung cancer deaths are decreasing due to advances in early detection and treatment. That is why Archbold is taking a thorough approach to developing a lung cancer program led by new lung nodule navigator Brittni Pannell, RN.

Lung cancers are often detected when a mass or lung nodule is detected through imaging such as a CT scan. A lung nodule is a small abnormal area in the lung. Most lung nodules are not cancer, but close monitoring and additional tests are often needed to be sure it's benign.

"My job as a lung nodule navigator is to work closely with a patient's doctor to make sure they're getting the necessary screenings, follow-ups and interventions in a timely manner," said Pannell. "If a patient has a lung nodule, I will help navigate them through the next steps."

Pannell will work as a care coordinator with a team of physicians, surgeons and nurses to create individualized care plans for patients with lung nodules or those at risk for developing lung cancer that need routine screening.

"A program like this has three priorities, making sure patients with a history of smoking are getting proper preventative care, surveilling and communicating effectively with patients that have a lung nodule identified, and, lastly, making sure these patients' care is expedited," said Chris Newman, Vice President of Clinical Services at Archbold. "We are excited to have a new focused effort to help save the lives of these patients in our community."

To learn more about Archbold's new lung nodule navigator program or if you qualify for lung cancer screening, please visit