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Cancer: Handle With Self-Care

Cancer: Handle With Self-Care

Getting diagnosed with cancer can shift your attention away from everything but your diagnosis. Two things you shouldn’t neglect, however, are your mental and physical health.

“A cancer diagnosis can be devastating, and the days following can be thrown into chaos with the sudden bombardment of medical appointments,” said Debbie Beeson, cancer navigator at Archbold’s Lewis Hall Singletary Oncology Center. “But your emotional well-being is a significant part of your care.”

Managing Your Mindset

Take time to check in with yourself and stay connected with your support network. Archbold provides many services to help you and your family, including nurse navigators, social workers and support groups.

“We are excited to have our monthly cancer support groups back,” Beeson said. “These meetings offer the perfect outlet for our survivors to surround themselves with others who have walked in their shoes and know the emotions involved with cancer.”

Beeson also stresses the importance of taking time for activities that you enjoy.

“Do something every day that brings you joy,” Beeson said. “It could be reading a book, writing in a journal, crafting or watching a movie – anything that makes you happy.”

Moving Your Body

Being physically active is another essential part of getting healthy and one that is often overlooked.

“Patients need to stay active to promote their overall health,” said Jami Stephenson, ORT/L, CHT, director of Advanced Therapy and Sports Medicine at Archbold. “Research has shown that aerobic exercise and strength training reduce fatigue during and after cancer treatment.”

Archbold offers a comprehensive rehabilitation program that includes physical, speech and occupational therapy, and our team of therapists has advanced training in soft tissue management for post-surgical cancer patients.

“We are equipped to treat any type of oncology patient and also have the only aquatic therapy program in the area,” Stephenson said. “Exercising in a pool reduces stress on joints and assists with limited mobility.”

Furthering our commitment to improving patients’ well-being, Archbold offers the HOPE program in collaboration with the Thomasville YMCA. This free exercise program is designed to help cancer patients improve their health through physical activity.

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