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Eat Smart This Holiday Season

Eat Smart This Holiday Season

During the holidays, there are many decisions to make when it comes to your diet. Eating is often the central focus of holiday celebrations, which can make deciding what to eat more challenging.

Consider your health goals, but also remember to stay flexible. An all-or-nothing approach to dieting can lead to negative self-talk or disappointment if you aren’t meeting your goals.

Set yourself up for success by finding small opportunities for healthy eating. Plan ahead with portion control, schedule a workout or go for a walk, or swap a high-calorie favorite for a healthier alternative.

Try these tips to shape your diet mindset this holiday season:

  • Notice temptations. Identify and avoid meals or food items that entice you to overeat.
  • Taste your food. Take the time to eat more slowly and savor your food. This allows for more enjoyment and better digestion and helps prevent overeating.
  • Remember that tomorrow is a new day. Some days you’ll meet your health goals and some days you may not. Every day is a chance to reset and try again.

Full Flavor Festivities

Eating well through the holidays doesn’t mean forgoing flavor. Consider these delicious diet-friendly options:

  • Baked apples. A medium apple has approximately 90 calories. Slice one up, sprinkle with cinnamon, ground ginger and allspice, and bake to create a fiber-rich dessert.
  • Fresh cranberry sauce. When made with fresh ingredients (not out of a can), this seasonal side dish is low in calories and a great substitute for gravy.
  • Roasted winter vegetables. Chop pumpkin, root vegetables and winter squash to create a healthy side dish option. Use fresh herbs, such as thyme and rosemary, for added flavor.
  • Skinless white turkey. There’s no reason to miss the turkey this season! A 3-ounce portion of skinless white meat turkey breast is high in protein and low in fat.
  • Sweet potatoes. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, sweet potatoes are a delicious option to provide the nutrients you need. To preserve their natural flavor, roast sweet potatoes with cinnamon and nutmeg, fresh herbs, or maple syrup instead of marshmallows and butter.

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