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Archbold Performs First Cardiac MRI on Valentine’s Day

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Archbold Performs First Cardiac MRI on Valentine’s Day

Archbold Memorial Hospital performed its first Cardiac MRIs on Monday, February 14.

Cardiac MRI, or cardiac magnetic resonance imaging, can produce detailed pictures of the structures within and around the heart. The test can help physicians study a heart muscle's structure and function while also finding the cause of a patient's heart failure. The test can also identify tissue damage due to a heart attack.

"Cardiac MRI is the gold standard test for cardiac structure and function," said Kashyap Choksi, MD, PhD, FACC, FASNC, a cardio-oncologist with Archbold. "Patients will not have to travel now to outside facilities for these tests."

A cardiac MRI is also the most accurate test for calculating a patient's ejection fraction, a measurement expressed as a percentage, of blood pumped out of the heart each time it contracts.

The MRI is noninvasive and does not use radiation.

"With medical technology continuing to advance, it's important for us to stay at the forefront of these advancements, especially when it comes to heart and vascular care," said Chris Newman, Vice President of Clinical Services. "The addition of cardiac MRIs to our service line allows us to offer more to patients in our area, so they don't have to travel for their care."