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Living With Multiple Health Conditions

Living With Multiple Health Conditions

According to the American Geriatrics Society, half of Americans over age 65 deal with at least three health conditions every day. If you’re one of them, use these tips to maintain your good health.

Choose Lifestyle-Based Treatments

If you don’t eat healthy foods, exercise regularly and get good sleep every night, your health is at a disadvantage. Ask your provider about lifestyle changes that could help you turn the corner. A healthy lifestyle has no negative side effects.

Know Your Purpose

Do you want to make it to your grandson’s baseball games? Continue working as long as possible? Live on your own without assistance? Knowing the purpose behind your health goals helps you commit to lifestyle changes. Tell your provider your goals so you’ll be on the same page.

Study the Options

“Sometimes, lifestyle changes aren’t enough to manage your health conditions,” said Savitri Ramdial, MD, primary care and geriatric physician at Archbold’s Medical Group of Mitchell County. “When medication or surgery is needed, your provider can discuss your alternatives, keeping your overall health goals in mind. We’ll work with you to weigh the pros and cons and help you choose the option that gives you the type of life you want.”

Change Course

Any time your treatment doesn’t work or you experience undesired side effects, don’t give up. Talk to your provider about other treatment options. A different course could get you where you want to go.

Whether you have multiple health conditions or consider yourself in great shape, a primary care provider can help you age well. Visit to find one.