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Ways to Give

Contributing to Archbold

If you are looking to donate to Archbold to help patients receive high-quality, advanced, and effective medical services in Thomasville and throughout Thomas County, there are plenty of ways to do so. Find out our ways to give below, and don’t hesitate to reach out to a team member at 229.228.2924 for any additional inquiries!

Donate Now

Annual Fund

Annual giving to the Archbold Foundation plays a critical role in providing perpetual support of Archbold. The world of healthcare is changing at an unbelievable pace, and in such uncertain times, the hospital must look more and more to our foundation for support garnered from our community.

As costs for patient care, services, and technology continue to escalate, recurring annual gifts help sustain ongoing programs and operations and make exciting new improvements possible. Your tax-deductible gift will help carry on a legacy of giving, which is needed now more than ever.

Give online to the Annual Fund or by mail.

Designated Giving

Is there a specific department you’d like to receive your contribution? The Archbold Foundation allows you to designate your gift to a particular program or project that we currently support. Your gift can be designated to one of the funds below:

For any questions related to designated giving, please contact the Archbold Foundation office at 229.228.2924, or via email at

Georgia HEART Hospital Program

Archbold Medical Center is excited to partner with the Georgia HEART Hospital Program for an opportunity for individual and corporate taxpayers to make a charitable contribution dedicated specifically to one of our hospitals. Taxpayers who participate in this program will receive a direct Georgia income tax credit against what you currently pay in state income taxes.

Archbold Brooks, Archbold Grady, Archbold Memorial, and Archbold Mitchell all qualify for this rural tax credit program. Donations made to any of our hospitals will be designated to help fund capital equipment needs, facility improvements, and direct patient care enhancements. Your gift will remain local, directly impacting the care and healing of patients in our communities.

From 2018 through 2022, Georgia taxpayers could access $60 million of RHO tax credits each year, with each qualified RHO having access to $4 million of tax credits (until the total annual $60 million cap is met).

On May 9, 2022, Governor Brian P. Kemp signed House Bill 1041, which increased the cap on RHO tax credits to $75 million annually, beginning in 2023. From 2023 through 2024, Georgia taxpayers can access $75 million of RHO tax credits each year, with each qualified RHO having access to $4 million of tax credits (until the total annual $75 million cap is met). During the first six months of each year, a qualified RHO may only accept $2 million of corporate contributions and $2 million of individual contributions.

Notably effective in 2022, there is a new benefit for pass-through businesses, allowing a SALT (state and local income tax) limit workaround, coupled with a more generous HEART tax credit opportunity during the first six months of the year, per Georgia HB 149. Pass-through businesses may elect to pay state income tax at the entity level and may contribute to eligible rural hospitals through the HEART program at the same generous limits as C corporations.

From January 1 through June 30 of each taxable year, the following limits apply with respect to Georgia HEART RHO contributions:

  • Individual Filer – up to $5,000

  • Married Filing Separately - up to $5,000

  • Married Filing Jointly – up to $10,000

  • C Corporation, Trust, or Pass-Through Entity electing to pay tax at entity level – up to 75% of Georgia Tax Liability

  • Individual Owner of S-Corp, LLC, or Partnership (Pass-Through Entity) NOT paying tax at entity level – up to $10,000

After June 30 of each year, as long as a portion of the $75 million annual cap on RHO tax credits is available to offset their Georgia income tax liability, individual taxpayers may make unlimited contributions to RHOs for a corresponding 100% Georgia income tax credit.

For more information on this tax credit opportunity or to apply for the program, please visit

Georgia HEART Hospital Program from Georgia HEART on Vimeo.

Grateful Patient Program

If you or a loved one has ever been a patient at Archbold Memorial Hospital, you may have encountered a doctor, nurse, technician, or volunteer who brought you great comfort and reassurance in a time of need. Many patients express their gratitude for exceptional care through kind words, smiles, and thank-you letters. In fact, hearing the words “thank you” from a patient is more meaningful to a caregiver than most people realize.

Archbold Memorial's Grateful Patient Program now provides you with another way to thank caregivers who have made a difference in your life. By honoring a caregiver who went the extra mile to care for you or a loved one, you will be making a tangible and meaningful impact on our ability to provide the absolute best in patient care to all in need.

Gifts received through the Grateful Patient Program pay tribute to a caregiver who has enriched your life while also providing essential resources for a healthier tomorrow — for you, your family, and the communities we serve. When a gift is made, the person whom you are honoring will be sent an acknowledgement letter expressing your thanks. The gift amount will be kept confidential, but the feeling of accomplishment will be felt for years.

To find out more about the Grateful Patient Program, please call the Archbold Foundation directly at 229.228.2924, or email us at

Inpatient Hospice

For most people, hospice care has only been provided in an outpatient setting: at home, in an assisted living facility, or even in the hospital. For many years, Archbold has recognized the community’s desire to have an inpatient hospice program available for families who need a special level of care and assistance, but either do not wish to be in the sterile and clinical environment of a hospital or lack the resources to have full time care at home.

Thanks to the generous support of community donors, we have been able to provide patients with inpatient hospice care. The John B. and Elizabeth V. Wight Inpatient Hospice Center is an invaluable resource for Thomasville and the surrounding communities we serve, offering a critical inpatient option for end-of-life care.

On behalf of everyone at Archbold, we invite you to explore the option of giving back to such a wonderful cause. Your gift will make a difference in the lives of your friends and family members for years to come.

For more information, please contact the Archbold Foundation at 229.228.2924, or send us an email at

Planned Giving

You can have a lasting impact on the health of future patients at Archbold Memorial by becoming a partner in the Archbold Foundation’s Legacy Society. The Legacy Society is a recognition society that honors those who have made a commitment to Archbold through their estate plans.

Legacy gifts can be made at any age, and through careful planning, these unique donations can create an opportunity that benefits you, your family, and Archbold. Also known as Planned Giving, a Legacy Society partnership offers ways for you to help sustain the vital Archbold services provided to the community without affecting your current lifestyle or your family's financial security.

Depending on the planned giving option that works best for you, your contribution can present tax benefits and a steady stream of income for your life. With a Legacy Society partnership, you can achieve your philanthropic goals by making a meaningful gift that benefits you now, and Archbold later. Further, you may be able to make a gift significantly larger than you ever thought possible.

To design a gift that works best with your philanthropic wishes and benefits the people you care about, we recommend obtaining professional counsel from an attorney who specializes in estate planning. We can work with your advisors to help you plan for tomorrow and receive maximum benefits today.

For more information about a specific type of planned gift, Legacy Society partnership, or an illustration of the income and tax benefits of making a planned gift, please contact Vann Middleton, the Archbold Foundation President, at 229.228.8047 or at

We Appreciate Each and Every Donation

On behalf of everyone at Archbold, we are sincerely grateful for each gift, contribution, and donation we receive. If you’ve given to Archbold at any point, you’ve made a direct impact to the patients we care for and the community around you.

Thank you for being part of the Archbold family. For additional inquiries regarding ways to give back to healthcare services in Thomasville and surrounding areas, we can be reached at 229.228.2924 or by email at

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