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Live Better Announces 5K Pink Run and Elite Challenge Winners

Live Better Announces 5K Pink Run and Elite Challenge Winners

To kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Live Better, the Archbold-led collaborative of key community leaders focused on improving the health of the citizens of Thomas County, held the third annual Live Better 5K Pink Run. The goal of the event was to promote the link between obesity and cancer, and to encourage early detection of breast cancer and overall healthy living.

324 runners and walkers crossed the finish line, including 41 participants that competed in the brand new Pink Elite Challenge after running the 5k.

The Pink Elite Challenge was setup as an obstacle course comprised of five stations with unique challenges manned by Live Better partners Factor X Fitness (sandbag carry), Body Trac (tire flips), Thomasville YMCA (bosu ball burpees), Crossfit Townie (weighted walking lunges) and Thomasville Crossfit (sled push/pull).

The overall male winner for the Live Better 5K Pink Run was Jack Saussy with a time of 20 minutes and 56 seconds. Morgan Long was the overall female winner with a time of 23 minutes and 30 seconds.

The overall male winner for the Pink Elite Challenge was Gregoray Noonan with a time of 27 minutes and 4 seconds. The overall female winner was Megan Noonan with a time of 29 minutes and 45 seconds.

The team Horton Saves the Hooters won the award for most creative team name. The Thomas University baseball team registered 62 runners, winning the award for most team members participating. The team Treasured Chest dressed up in pirate themed costumers and won the award for most creative team costumes.

First place female and male division winners are as listed below:

Ages: 9 and under

Female: Charlotte Sikes 27:13

Ages: 10-19

Female: Emma Szwarc 23:32

Male: Frido Spiegl 23:36

Ages: 20-29

Female: Abbey Johnson 23:35

Male: Alex Russell 21:51

Ages: 30-39

Female: Jodi Beth Stuckey 24:47

Male: Scott Layfield 24:58

Ages: 40-49

Female: Sherri Plenge 28:23

Male: Stephen Sullivan 23:07

Ages: 50-59

Female: Sandi Damron 27:12

Male: Chris White 24:58

Ages: 60 and over

Female: Carol Griffin 37:44

Male: Homer Simpson 1:07:55

Pink Elite Challenge

Female: Megan Noonan 29:45

Male: Gregoray Noonan 27:04

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