BioZorb® is an implantable marker that consists of a spiral, bioabsorbable framework embedded with six permanent, titanium clips designed to precisely mark the surgical excision site.BioZorb

Design to improve outcomes in Breast Conserving Surgery and absorb into the body over several years, the BioZorb provides 3-dimensional targeting for radiation therapy.

What makes the BioZorb different is:

  • Unique open spiral design allows oncoplastic cavity closure for partial breast reconstruction.
  • It’s bioabsorbabe spiral provides geometry for permanent marker clips in 3D array. It’s designed to be absorbed by the body over several years.
  • Six titanium marker clips designed to provide permanent identification of the surgical site and enable image-based tracking of the surgical cavity for radiation treatment planning and following-up.

Visualize the Difference

  • Cosmetic results: BioZorb has been shown in a case series to yield good/excellent cosmetic outcomes to at least 2 years post-surgery1
  • Radiation: 96% radiation oncologists reported “improved accuracy” in setup and boost targeting in a prospective registry of 337 patients2
  • Mammography: A published case series has shown minimal scarring after breast conservation therapy using BioZorb to mark the site
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2. N = 337 patients prospectively followed through a registry.
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