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Savi Scout®

Making Breast Cancer Surgery Easier for Women

Savi Scout® Wire-Free Radar Breast Localization System provides easier, more compassionate care to women undergoing treatment for breast cancer. The Savi Scout® system is used to locate and guide the removal of non-palpable lesions during a lumpectomy or surgical biopsy procedure.

Prior to Savi Scout®, the most common approach for localizing breast tumors during breast conserving surgeries was wire localization. With wire localization, a radiologist would place a thin, hooked wire through the skin to the tumor location. The surgeon would then use the wire to locate the tumor for removal.

With the new technology, a radar signal is used to detect a tiny reflector that can be placed at any time during the course of treatment and at the patients’ convenience. During surgery, the surgeon scans the breast using the SCOUT guide to precisely and efficiently locate the reflector to within 1mm of accuracy.

Advantages of the Savi Scout® technology may include:

  • Eliminates the need for wires protruding from the patient’s breast
  • Reduced patient anxiety associated with placement of the wire on the day of surgery
  • Reduced surgical wait times
  • Increased probability of complete cancer removal
  • Reduced likelihood of needing follow-up surgeries

If you have questions about Savi Scout at Archbold, please call us at 229.226.8881 or 1.800.287.2554.

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