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Cancer care at Archbold doesn’t mean isolated care. Because cancer patients have a high risk of heart disease, Archbold’s cardio-oncology program, led by one of the few certified cardio-oncologists in the world, provides timely and specialized heart care before, during, and after treatment.

Cancer Treatment and Cardiovascular Disease

While successful cancer treatments are the goal, certain therapies can cause damage to other parts of the body, including the heart. Treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation can lead to abnormal heartbeat, weakened heart muscles or blockages of blood vessels in the heart. Sometimes, these complications don’t occur until long after cancer treatments ended.

A patient’s age combined with cancer treatment methods can contribute to developing cardiovascular disease. That’s why managing the side effects of treatment as well as any pre-existing conditions are top priorities for us.

The Right Treatment Plan for You

Our unique multi-specialty approach allows cardiologists and oncologists to collaborate on how to best care for you. Whether you’re a cancer survivor or a current patient with accompanying heart issues, our team is here to carefully monitor your cardiac function and offer comprehensive preventive care.

Archbold is proud to have its own cardio-oncology program with Kashyap Choksi, MD, PhD on staff. As one of just a few cardio-oncologists in the world, Dr. Choksi is a member of only the second class of physicians to graduate with a certification from the International Cardio-Oncology Society. Cardio-oncologists are specifically trained to prevent and identify the short- and long-term cardiac side effects of chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and radiation.

Dr. Choksi works with our medical oncologists in a multidisciplinary setting to help ensure patients receive and successfully complete the most appropriate cancer therapy while minimizing their risk of heart complications and avoiding unnecessary interruptions in cancer treatments.

Your cancer care team can connect you with Dr. Choksi and our cardio-oncology program.

To learn more about cancer care at Archbold, call 229.584.5400.

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