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At Archbold, our experienced hematologists and specially trained nurses utilize advanced treatment options in hematology to empower patients in overcoming their blood-related disorders.

What Is Hematology?

Hematology is a branch of medicine that focuses on the study, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disorders related to blood and blood-forming organs. Hematology encompasses a wide range of conditions, including various types of blood cancers, bleeding disorders, clotting disorders, anemia, and other blood-related conditions.

Common Blood Cancers

Leukemia Lymphoma Multiple Myeloma

Bleeding Disorders

Hemophilia Von Willebrand Disease

Other Blood-Related Conditions

Anemia Deep Vein Thrombosis Pulmonary Embolism

What Is a Hematologist?

Hematologists are physicians who are trained to manage and treat these disorders, utilizing a combination of medical therapies, medications, blood transfusions, and other specialized interventions as necessary.

Diagnosis and Evaluation

Located in Thomasville, Georgia, the Archbold Cancer Center specializes in the accurate and timely diagnosis of various hematologic conditions. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and techniques enable us to identify and evaluate blood disorders with precision. From comprehensive blood tests to advanced imaging studies, we leave no stone unturned in determining the underlying causes of your symptoms

Hematology Treatment Options

Once a diagnosis is established, our Archbold hematologists collaborate with each patient to develop an individualized treatment plan.

We offer a wide range of therapeutic hematology interventions, including:

  • Chemotherapy: Our hematology team is well-versed in administering chemotherapy for various blood cancers, effectively targeting cancer cells and minimizing side effects.
  • Immunotherapy: We harness the power of the immune system to fight blood cancers, using innovative immunotherapeutic agents to boost the body's natural defenses against malignant cells.
  • Infusion Therapy: By identifying specific genetic mutations or abnormalities, we can prescribe targeted therapies that focus on blocking the growth and spread of cancer cells while sparing healthy cells.
  • Blood Transfusions: We offer transfusion services to address anemia, clotting disorders, and other conditions that may require blood component support.
  • Clinical Trials: As part of our commitment to advancing hematology care, we actively participate in cutting-edge research and clinical trials. By staying at the forefront of medical advancements, we ensure that patients in South Georgia have access to the latest hematology treatment options and innovative therapies.
  • Supportive Care: We understand the impact blood disorders can have on your overall well-being. Our supportive care services encompass pain management, psychological support, nutritional guidance, and access to support groups to enhance the quality of life during treatment.

Residents of Southwest Georgia don’t have to travel for advanced, state-of-the-art hematology care. Learn more about the services offered at the Archbold Cancer Center by calling 229.584.5400.

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