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Radiation Oncology

Radiation therapy is a very common treatment for cancer, according to the American Cancer Society, more than half of people with cancer receive radiation therapy. In some cases, it is used alone, or it may be combined with other treatments to ensure a patient’s cancer is treated as effectively as possible.

Archbold has invested in some of the world’s leading radiation oncology technologies, and our oncologists are pioneering new treatment methods—meaning residents of Thomasville and the surrounding areas have access to high-quality, advanced care close to home.

Types of Radiation Therapy Available at Archbold

  • Brachytherapy, both low-dose rate and high-dose rate, is offered for a variety of cancers including those of the cervix, uterus, skin, and head and neck.
  • Gamma Knife® PerfexionTM uses 192 highly focused cobalt-60 beams of radiation to treat tumors in the brain, as well as other brain disorders.
  • Radioactive iodine-131 therapy is available for thyroid cancer and hyperthyroidism.
  • TheraSphere, yttrium-90, a therapy designed specifically for liver cancer, uses tiny, radioactive glass beads to deliver radiation directly to tumors. It selectively treats cancer cells while avoiding dose to the normal liver cells by taking advantage of the liver’s dual blood supply.
  • Trilogy, the world’s first noninvasive, image-guided radiation therapy system, is used after surgery or as a primary treatment for cancer. Because of its accuracy, our radiation oncologists are able to limit damage to healthy tissue. It also delivers radiation faster than conventional linear accelerators, resulting in shorter treatment times and making the experience more comfortable.
  • TrueBeam®, an advanced treatment method used to combat diseases such as cancer. It involves a sophisticated machine that delivers highly focused and precise beams of radiation to specific areas of the body requiring treatment. These beams of radiation are carefully targeted to attack and destroy abnormal cells, helping to eliminate or shrink tumors. The machine's advanced technology ensures that healthy surrounding tissues receive minimal radiation exposure, maximizing the effectiveness of the treatment while minimizing potential side effects.
  • Xofigo® is an intravenous radioactive medication shown to improve survival in castrate-resistant metastatic prostate cancer patients.

No matter which therapy is part of your treatment plan, it will be delivered under the direction of an expert radiation oncologist, physicist, dosimetrist and radiation therapist. The team works together to locate exactly where your cancer is and calculate and deliver a safe, optimal treatment dose. Our goal is to treat your cancer accurately with as few side effects as possible.

Leaders in Brachytherapy Using Robotic Surgery

In addition to our advanced technologies, our oncologists and surgeons use brachytherapy —also known as internal radiation —to treat certain cancers of the cervix, prostate, and lung, among others.

In brachytherapy, the radiation oncologist places radioactive sources, such as catheters, seeds or mesh, directly into or near a tumor. These implants can stay in a patient’s body for minutes, hours or days, or they may be permanent.

Archbold also offers mesh brachytherapy, a newer form of targeted radiation that can benefit people with tumors in the chest or belly. In years past, complete tumor removal could be quite challenging in some circumstances, so brachytherapy at the time of open surgeries has become of interest to our team.

In 2011, Archbold general and thoracic surgeon Edward Hall, MD, and radiation oncologist Steven Johnson, MD, performed the first implant of cesium-131 mesh brachytherapy in Georgia—and the second in the world—using da Vinci robotic-assisted surgery. The procedure was done on a patient with early stage lung cancer, who had severely compromised lung reserve capacity.

Minimally Invasive Surgery, Maximum Results
da Vinci, used to implant mesh brachytherapy and perform other complex cancer surgeries, is a leading-edge surgical system available at Archbold. da Vinci allows surgeons to operate through small incisions, reducing complications and recovery time, and improving patient outcomes.

da Vinci gives surgeons a 3D view of the area on which they are operating, and its small tools fit through incisions as small as a dime. Surgeons control the system’s robotic arm throughout the entire procedure. Because of its accuracy and small instruments, surgeons are able to operate on tumors in ways they may not have been able to using traditional surgery.

Residents of Southwest Georgia don’t have to travel for advanced, state-of-the-art cancer care. Learn more about the services offered at Archbold Cancer Center by calling 229.584.5400.

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