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Medical Oncology

At Archbold, our mission is to help patients achieve remission (a reduction or disappearance of cancer symptoms) or to offer the best opportunity for a cure. Our team of medical oncologists and specially trained oncology nurses use advanced cancer treatments, alone or in combination with other treatments, to help patients overcome their disease.

What Is Chemotherapy?

When treating cancer with chemotherapy (chemo), medications are used to kill fast-growing cancer cells in the body. Medications can be taken orally or through injection, infusion therapy or patches applied to skin. Chemotherapy may be used in combination with surgery and/or radiation therapy or delivered on its own.

Chemotherapy drugs are strong chemicals that need to be carefully chosen for patients depending on many factors. There may be times when the side effects of chemotherapy require time for patients to recover. However, staying on schedule with doses is important to treat cancer effectively.

What Is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a treatment that triggers a person’s own immune system to fight cancer. Immunotherapy is different than chemotherapy because it uses medications to stimulate and/or improve a body’s natural defense mechanisms to attack cancer cells. Some immunotherapy treatments use genetic engineering to enhance the immune response and may be referred to as gene therapy. Immunotherapies are available for a variety of cancers and are prescribed by oncologists.

Infusion Therapy

At Archbold, treatments delivered by infusion are offered in our bright, spacious infusion room, which provides a soothing atmosphere. Special care is given to the preparation and handling of these medicines by the Lewis Hall Singletary Oncology Center’s chemotherapy pharmacist.

New Patient Chemotherapy Orientation

Any patient who needs chemotherapy is encouraged to attend an orientation session to learn what to expect during treatment, including side effects and symptoms. Family members of patients are also encouraged to attend. We will schedule an appointment for you before you begin chemotherapy. For more information, call 229.584.5438.

Paxman Scalp Cooling System

Archbold also offers scalp cooling—or “cold cap therapy”—using the Paxman Scalp Cooling System. This innovative device shrinks blood vessels beneath the scalp to restrict the amount of chemotherapy medicine that reaches the hair follicles. This may help reduce hair loss during treatment for certain patients.

Residents of Southwest Georgia don’t have to travel for advanced, state-of-the-art cancer care. Learn more about the services offered at Archbold’s Lewis Hall Singletary Oncology Center by calling 229.584.5400.

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