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Live Better


Eat Better. Train Better. Live Better.

Live Better is an Archbold-led effort of key community leaders who are all focused on improving the health of the Thomas County community. With a special emphasis on reducing obesity, Live Better is steered by leaders of major sectors of the community (government, education, media, and business) that—when working together—can leverage the strengths of their organizations to achieve measured health goals.

If you’re interested in getting started with our Live Better program, please reach out to us at 229.584.5522. We’re here to help you reach your health and wellness goals!

A Program Designed to Help You Live a Healthier, Happier Life

Our Live Better program was formed in 2016 by former Archbold President and CEO Perry Mustian. The goal of this program was for Archbold to provide an even more hands-on approach to health and wellness throughout Thomas County.

Archbold has always had some form of clinical outreach, most often offered in the form of education and diagnosis, such as free screenings, prevention efforts (including branded Health Talks), or targeted classes like breastfeeding basics or smoking cessation. While these efforts are indeed valuable, Archbold was missing a certain resource to promote general health and wellness improvement overall – which is how the Live Better program came to life.

Measurable Goals to Achieve Enhanced Health

One way we create legitimacy and accountability in every aspect of our Live Better program is by creating measurable goals. We create separate goals for adults and children because it takes different approaches to find success for different age groups.

We decided not to focus on epidemiological data, as we can’t measure our efforts until years later, negating any opportunity to quickly adjust our strategies and tactics if we see indicators of unsuccessful approaches. Instead, we measure goal progress using as much real-time data as possible from local physician practices and a federally qualified health center.

Today, we have reached more people, established new alliances, had the opportunity to influence city planning, and developed new methods of clinical outreach. Through this program, we have a more engaged community coming together around a common theme: with an aspiration to Live Better.

Are You Ready to Live Better?

If you’re ready to make the first steps toward living better, our compassionate and dedicated team is here to help.

Questions about any aspect of Live Better may be directed to our Clinical Outreach Manager Todd Bennett. He can be reached at 229.584.5522 or via email at

Core Values
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