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Superfood of the Month

Carrots are typically a bright orange food found in the vegetable group. Carrots are known for helping eyesight. This is because carrots are full of Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps our eyes stay healthy and strong. Carrots also have biotin, which helps turn our food into energy. Carrots can be eaten raw or cooked and thrown into various recipes. Carrots are a great option to receive many needed nutrients throughout the day.

Broccoli is in the vegetable group and can be eaten raw or cooked. Broccoli is low in fat and a good source of fiber, potassium and Vitamin C. Many people love getting their broccoli in by dipping it in ranch, adding cheese, or cooking/ steaming them. When looking for broccoli at the store, look for large, bright green or dark green heads. Broccoli is best to be harvested in temps less than 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This yummy dark green vegetable is a great way to add vital nutrients into your diet.

Check out this recipe for broccoli cheddar biscuits, a tasty way to add this superfood to the biscuits you already eat!

Collard greens have large dull leaves with thick round stalks. The stem and the leaf can be cooked and eaten. Collards are packed with vitamin K and vitamin A. Vitamin K helps us keep our bones and teeth strong. This southern staple can be added to many recipes in order to get plenty of your daily vitamin needs. Collards can be used for a side or be thrown into many of your favorite dishes. Either way, collards are an amazing super food that will help us stay healthy and strong.

Lettuce is a leafy green vegetable that most people would probably think of if they were told to think of a vegetable. The great thing about lettuce is it comes in many different shapes and textures, so most people can find at least one type they like. Lettuce has many important nutrients, like vitamin A. Vitamin A can help our eyes stay strong and work properly and can help us stay healthy. Lettuce also has vitamin k, that helps our bodies heal faster after being injured.

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